Lilnavy Studio is a home based recording studio in Orleans Ontario. If you are an aspiring artist looking for a quality home recording studio with a premier certified audio recording engineer, Lilnavy Studio is perfect for you.   (small space so i don't record drums here)

I love writing, creating, arranging and recording, and have setup my project studio to be able to bring songs alive for songwriters. I can help you "build out" a song and arrangement layer by layer with various instrumentation to the final mixed product.   

I also have a mobile studio so if you are a band looking to record a demo or just capture your rehearsal, i can come to you. I have the possibility of 12 tracks at a time with this system.

You could also hire me just to do the guitar tracks on your album.I just need mp3's of the songs and i can import them in my system and then record the guitars and send the tracks back to you. Easy and efficient. 

 Here are the services i offer and the rates:

     Guitar/Vocal demo  $40 an hour    4 hour block $150      8 hour block $260  
     Full Production Projects   $5000     includes tracking, editing, mixing, mastering for 10 songs   
                                                            includes guitar tracks, bass track, backup vocals if needed 


     Guitar Tracks    $60 per lead guitar track                              Specials:  10 songs = $600  you pay $550  save $50

                              $50 per rhythm track (either acoustic or electric)           10 songs = $500  you pay $450  save $50

                               Get both the rhythm tracks and lead tracks for the 10 songs   $550 + $450 = $1000  you pay $900   



Sylvie Rocheleau Blais recorded her cd at Lilnavy Studio.

Sabrina recorded her debut cd at Lilnavy Studio.

Jessica Pearson recorded her 1st album here at Lilnavy Studio